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Make a Claim

Should a claim arise, our highly experienced claims team will be by your side to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Claims are settled in two ways, depending on whether your loss occurs in Australia or overseas - further information on the process for each is provided below.

Claims within Australia

To make a claim for goods transported into Australia, Coverfreight will handle the claims on your behalf with Chubb. Claims can be sent to .

Should you prefer, you can also make a claim with Chubb directly by downloading their Marine Claim Form and emailing it to

Overseas Claims

For losses that occur overseas, the local Chubb office will handle the claim.

You can find the contact details for your specific claims settling agent on your Certificate of Insurance, which was provided to you when your insurance was arranged. Please email or call the claims settling agent listed to make your claim.

For any further enquiries about the international claims process, please contact Chubb directly at